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ODT Troubleshooting

Postby Unidec » Sun Oct 09, 2016 2:32 pm

This information pertains to 8221 (V2), 8222 (V3) and J11 (V4) machine controller systems typically found on through hole insertion machines.

For VCD sequencers that employ the ERV option; The inserter is normally machine #1, the sequencer is machine #2 and the ERV is machine #3

You can read the MIT card bit switches by entering the last address (followed by/) of the machine for any given MIT card.

Address Machine
7766036 1 (Inserter)
7766076 2 (Sequencer)
7766136 3 (ERV)

Toggle the run halt switch, you should see the @ symbol should appear. Now type in the MIT card address followed by a forward slash.

If the ERV is machine #2 in your system, enter

@7766076/100000 indicates machine 2 power on, no option bit switches set
machine power on bit

If the ERV is machine #3 in your system, enter

@7766136/100000 indicates machine 3 power on, no k5 jumpers in
machine power on bit

Note: the digits that are shown as zeros are normally not zero- a zero indicates that the bit switches are in the off position. You will need to set these switches according to the machine manual and your particular configuration.
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