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GSM Power Supply Wiring

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GSM Power Supply Wiring

Postby Unidec » Tue Aug 31, 2010 12:31 pm

On several occasions this past year we have had clients improperly wire the GSM VME power supply. If the +5, +12 and -12 VDC is improperly wired, catastrophic damage will result in the VME chassis. Many of the VME cards can be damaged so please be very careful when wiring the power supply in this system!

Power Supplies effected:

46054101 Power Supply, Lambda PFC0500-3AH-Z
47547001 Power Supply, Deltron FT32C233-00
49971001 Power Supply, Astec

Unidec offers a suitable replacement supply 47547001 Power Supply, SSI that has an identical form factor, requires minimal wiring changes.

Deltron FT32C233

-12VDC +12VDC +5VDC
V3+ wht V2+ blu V1+ Blu
V3- blu V2- wht V1+ Wht

Sense wires JP5-2 wht, JP5-3 blu. JP5-1 NC

Unidec provides this information in good-faith but Unidec does not warrant the accuracy of this information and will not be responsible for damages resulting in the use of this information whether our information is deemed inaccurate and/or the cause of failure relating to the wiring or not.
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